Private Insurance

For years Russo De Rosa Associati has worked in the sector of insurance-finance products. In particular, with regard to private, national or foreign law policies, the Firm provides assistance in analysing implications of a legal and tax nature associated with the subscription of unit and index linked policies which represent, under certain conditions, a valid instrument for meeting the requirements of protection and transmission of one’s assets, without compromising the personal need for flexibility, privacy, financial investment and tax optimisation.

Thanks to the notable sensitivity, competence and experience acquired in the sector, the Firm is able to assist its clients by enhancing the flexibility of the insurance solution with careful advice while avoiding possible areas of criticality.

In particular, protection is not meant as mere safeguarding with regard to possible credit claims but in a more ample context aimed at protecting assets from countless risks (e.g. disputes with shareholders, acceptance of an inheritance, separation and divorce, professional responsibilities, etc.) capable of directly or indirectly compromising their integrity.