Business plan

Russo De Rosa Associati boasts solid professional experience in preparing business plans as informatory corporate instruments supporting the search for ordinary and extraordinary corporate funding, including in the start-up stage, as well as for turnaround processes.

Within an increasingly more competitive economic context and in a selective financial market careful to direct resources towards sustainable and remunerative projects, it is essential to have effective and reliable economic and financial planning instruments available that are capable of valorising the strategic choices of development or recovery.

The professionals at Russo De Rosa Associati, equipped with excellent, multiyear experience in national and international contexts, work in close contact with the owner and management when drawing up the business plan, offering a multi-disciplinary know-how in order to guarantee a customer- oriented -approach capable of meeting all of the client’s requirements.

As a planning instrument that is essential to management, the business plan can be equally relevant externally as a transparent document capable of providing support to the decision-making processes of potential investors or lenders.

Russo De Rosa Associati, leader in integrated professional consultancy in M&A transactions, also offers its clients highly qualified assistance in drawing up the business plan as an instrument necessary for applying specific methods for evaluating companies, holdings and some intangible corporate assets, or for verifying the sustainability of financial debt in LBO transactions.

The Firm regularly assists clients who have found themselves in situations of financial crisis by helping with the preparation of recovery plans and debt restructuring. For these clients the business plan is one of the key elements of the entire process, having to ensure the creation of value sufficient for guaranteeing cash flows allowing debt to be covered as well as observance of the agreement.

The assistance guaranteed by the professionals of the Firm covers the entire process of drawing up the business plan and entails:

  • agreeing on the objectives to be realised with the management and owners;
  • analysing the activities carried out by the client and the sector of reference in which they work;
  • analysing recruitment and hypotheses formulated by the management in relation to the main economic and financial performances;
  • analysing the economic and financial feasibility of the planned investments;
  • drawing up the statements forming the business plan as well as explanatory notes about the assumptions behind the construction of the document;
  • simulating the sensitivity analysis required for assessing, including according to the purposes for which the informatory document is prepared, the actual impact on the main economic and financial performance with a view to changes in the underlying assumptions.

At the end of the service offered, the Firm provides the client with a “tailor made” output, basically consisting in a qualitative-quantitative report bearing a description of the activity carried out by the Firm’s professionals, the results emerging from the latter and the numerical tables supporting the completed analysis.