Commercial contracts

Russo De Rosa Associati assists its clients in drawing up, negotiating and stipulating a vast range of commercial contracts, amongst which:

  • national and international purchase/sale agreements;
  • national and international distribution contracts (such as agency, distribution, franchising, distribution agreement, estimator agreements);
  • contracts for the supply of works or services (such as tenders, subcontracting, engineering contracts);
  • contracts of use (corporate rent, commercial leases);
  • bank agreements (mortgages and credit lines) and related guarantees, personal and real (such as sureties, independent guarantee contracts, pledges, transfers of credit as collateral);
  • contracts of a financial nature (leasing, financial and operational, factoring, cash-pooling);
  • cooperation agreements (joint ventures, agreements establishing consortia, shareholding associations, temporary associations of companies and profit sharing contracts).

Where requested to do so by the client, the Firm also offers a thorough analysis and review of existing contracts, providing opinions on the content of the latter identifying any critical issues, and proposing amendments accordingly.

The Firm’s professionals are able to provide their assistance in the main foreign languages used in relation to corporate operations, namely such as English, French and German. For all the other languages, the Firm avails itself of translation agencies that have the relevant experience in the sector of corporate commercial contracts.