Mergers, demergers and transfers of business

Russo De Rosa Associati provides the most comprehensive consultancy services associated with the implementation of extraordinary transactions such as re-organisational instruments for development or resizing strategies including those protecting and conserving the value of the company and its assets and therefore, on a more general basis, such as instruments for managing phases of “discontinuity” of the company’s lifecycle.

For this reason the Firm’s approach to such transactions starts from identifying the entrepreneurial objectives and requirements, in terms that are both strategic and operational, as well as the requests of a personal or family nature made by the subjects involved, in order to define a corporate structure that is most suitable to the individual case (including one that takes into account the tax position and the real costs of pursuing the set objectives). In particular, the identified solutions are offered to the client by means of drawing up a structure memorandum and setting down one or more presentation meetings.

Once the technical form of the transaction has been defined, the Firm assists the client by drawing up the necessary documentation, planning and managing the associated requirements and in respect of the related timing of the operation.

The Firm is able to offer integrated and unified management of the legal, tax and accounting aspects of the extraordinary transaction, guaranteeing the client the provision of unified and continuous supervision during all the stages of the operation.