Acquisition Financing

As part of the highly active role that Russo De Rosa Associati plays in the sector of purchase/sale of corporate shareholdings and share capital transactions, the Firm benefits from a decade-long experience in acquisition financing.

Indeed, the Firm incorporates the legal and tax assistance provided on behalf of primary credit institutions, both Italian and international, in the structuring, negotiation and drawdown of loans for the main structured finance transactions and, in particular, in relation to loan transactions for the acquisition of Italian and foreign industrial, commercial or financial companies.

The Firm assists its clients from as early on as the first stages of the transaction in order to support them as regards their precise understanding of the proposed transaction, in structuring (including in relation to tax) and the negotiation and preparation of the letter of intent or the term sheet, whether contractually binding or not. Once the essential sections of the loan transaction are defined, the Firm assists the client in the subsequent stages of due diligence and contractual document analysis relating to the acquisition so that the risks and details of the transaction in question are carefully recorded. Support is also provided regarding the preparation and negotiation of the loan agreement and related security package, preparation of the funds flow, assistance in closing the transaction and supervision of all the formalities required for precise establishment of the guarantees given by the borrower to the lending banks.

In transactions giving rise to legal or tax matters of particular complexity, the Firm provides its clients with specific opinions so that they are provided with all of the technical advice that they require in order to be able to take the relevant operational decisions.

The Firm also assists its clients during the stages subsequent to issuing the loan, especially when it is necessary to grant the borrower waivers regarding specific issues or when it is necessary or appropriate to amend the original contractual texts.