Due diligence

Russo De Rosa Associati has gained consolidated experience in due diligence processes functional to corporate acquisition transactions, as it is amongst the few Firms on the Italian market capable of operating with high professional standing as both a legal and tax advisor. Indeed, the Firm undertakes joint mandates for legal and tax due diligence activities, performing an activity of integrated and shared assessment, in which the joint work of lawyers and tax advisors allows respective competencies to be enhanced, with the added benefit for the client namely of a reduction in costs and an increase in the efficiency of the process..

When instructed on behalf of the seller (sell side transactions), the Firm is able to offer preventive consultancy services and legal and tax analyses to international clients as well as building relationships with third parties interested in acquiring corporate holdings, companies or corporate branches (so-called vendor due diligence), or during negotiations with credit institutions in relation to complex extraordinary transactions or company or debt restructuring (so-called internal due diligence). The experience acquired by the Firm’s professionals in the field of legal and tax due diligence allows the client to obtain a comprehensive picture of the company’s “state of health” and consequently be able to assess both the actual benefits of the planned operation and the potentially significant risk areas.

The Firm also offers a business support service throughout the entire due diligence phase by assisting the Client with the following matters: ensuring that the right level of confidentiality of the process is maintained within the corporate’s structure; selecting the documentation to be divulged to the purchaser and identifying the information (confidential or sensitive) that should only be circulated at a more advanced stage in the negotiations (later stage due diligence). In all due diligence processes, the Firm works in close contact with the target company’s administrative offices and with the designated individuals identified by the seller. The Firm is also able to assist the target company in preparing the physical or virtual data room availing itself of its existing relationships with the main companies providing virtual data room services.