Private debt

The Private Debt sector has become increasingly important  to Russo De Rosa Associati in the context of satisfying the requirements of its corporate and non corporate clients whose purpose is to raise funds for their enterprise or for specific entrepreneurial projects without borrowing from banks and which seek to avail themselves of an interlocutor capable of combining legal, tax and accounting skills in the best possible way.

In the Private Debt sector, the Firm assists its clients, who need, in order to differentiate the sources of their debt and to finance initiatives struggling to have access to traditional credit channels or the occurrence of the credit crunch that the business world has suffered in recent years within a difficult global economic context are all typical drivers:

  • a careful analysis of the legal, tax and accounting implications in order to identify the most suited debt instrument, at times equally highly complex;
  • to be assisted in communicating with potential investors, negotiations and drawing up the related contractual documents;
  • flanking in the fulfilment of the obligations undertaken by the issuer with regard to the financers (e.g. information and reporting, observance of covenants, authoritative process for completing specific transactions).

In particular, the Firm provides legal, tax and accounting assistance for issues and/or offers, in Italy or overseas, of corporate bonds, so called “mini bonds” and warrants (convertible or under converting), as well as other financial debt instruments. Furthermore, the Firm assists its clients in the establishment of guarantees - contextual or after issue - to protect the fulfilment of the issuer’s obligations (so-called security package) and in the renegotiation or restructuring of instruments already issued.

The Firm offers its professional assistance in the sector of Private Debt including to credit institutions and professional investors intending to subscribe debt instruments under issue or already issued by companies effectively consolidated or start-up companies.