Incentive schemes for employees and managers

Russo De Rosa Associati offers assistance to companies intending to implement incentive schemes for the benefit of their directors, key people and employees. The services provided by the Firm include providing legal and tax assistance in structuring the incentive scheme, defining the related mechanisms of remuneration, drawing up the rules which govern the scheme’s modus operandi as well as optimising the related tax, accounting and financial aspects.

The experience gained by the Firm’s professionals also enables it to provide assistance in respect of more sophisticated incentivisation structures which envisage the assignment of warrants or participatory financial instruments. In respect of these hypothetical structures, in addition to providing a professional consultancy service aimed at the creation of the incentivisation scheme, the Firm’s professionals are also able to work as experts in order to ascertain the company’s fair market value and that of the related financial instrument.

The Firm is particularly experienced in preparing stock option plans for the benefit of key managers and employees of private equity fund investee companies, providing mechanisms of remuneration which are linked to the yield achieved by the fund during the disinvestment phase.