Russo De Rosa Associati is particularly active in the energy sector by means of an integrated tax, corporate, legal and accounting consultancy service.

Assisting an operator or an investor in the energy sector means understanding economic and assessment logic. This does not simply involve excelling in the technique of instruments but also comprehending all the aspects relating to the value of the project including in light of rapid technical and regulatory developments.

The Firm’s experience in such sector includes:

  • Feasibility, tax and corporate studies, with investment structuring and optimisation of ongoing and way out tax profiles;
  • Assessment of accounting profiles and direct and indirect taxation typical and specific to the operations in the energy sector (multiyear rights of use of the parcels affected by plant installation, accounting and tax management of EPC and project finance contracts, structuring of a joint-investment with local developers, where applicable, management of start-up cost capitalisation profiles etc.);
  • Tax, accounting and corporate due diligence activities and assistance in negotiating contractual agreements;
  • Preparatory corporate operations or those subsequent to the investment.

 Therefore the Firm is able to assist operators in preparing assessments and business plans, in structuring the investment or way out, in drawing up purchase contracts for buying land, sales agreements, EPC contracts and maintenance agreements, as well as planning and realisation of the corporate structure.