Family business agreement

Russo De Rosa Associati has developed a consolidated and important experience in the setting up and implementation of family agreements, an institution introduced in 2006 with the purpose of facilitating “passing on the baton” to second generations.

A big opportunity for the entrepreneur to stably and functionally organise transmission of his or her property and company assets in a way that ensures unhindered continuity of working operability should there arise any disputes among heirs when the succession proceedings are initiated, and thus conserving the family wealth and extending coverage to any already-existing donations. Differently to a traditional donation (which features the principle of irrevocability), the peculiar features of this powerful juridical instrument also enable the entrepreneur to “monitor” the transfer, while reserving the right to impose a return to the starting situation.

The experience accrued by the Firm professionals and the integrated and unitary management of the legal and fiscal profiles lead to setting up fiscally efficient structures, and, in certain conditions and on the basis of complex analysis, a total exemption from stamp duty.