The will is a fundamental instrument: often undervalued or indeed ignored, it is in reality the maximum expression of the power of disposal over ones own assets. It is certainly not sufficient, but it is fundamental, especially when it is positioned downstream, in the guise of the culmination and conclusion of a plan already set up when alive.

The transmission of the wealth cannot be based entirely upon the will: to be effective it must represent the fruit of a plan set up in life and shared with the future heirs.

We think of the will as being a “hinge” that completely defines succession: the moment when the circle is closed and all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are perfectly fitted together.

The drawing up of a will is an operation requiring a profound technical understanding of the institutions of hereditary law and it is always inadvisable to do absolutely alone, without the support of specialised professionals: the risk is, obviously, that of wasting all the considerable efforts in the writing of one’s own will only to generate disagreements, dissatisfaction and disputes among the heirs.

No plan for transmitting assets can be done without setting up the safety valves: the professionals of Russo De Rosa Associati assist clients in drawing up their will which, at the discretion of the clients, is “left” in holographic format or shared with a notary public to give it a published format.