Simple partnership

Russo De Rosa Associati has gained significant expertise in structuring projects for transfer of financial assets, represented by liquidity, shares, administered accounts.

The extreme flexibility (in regard to the rules governing the constitution, administration, representation, modalities of definition of participation in profits and losses, modifications to corporate agreements, liquidation, etc.) and the low costs involved, make the simple partnership an effective instrument for transferring financial resources for the purposes of succession.

The consultancy provided by the Firm professionals for the constitution of a simple financial partnership is develops starting from a preliminary asset mapping, followed by a stage of discussion with the intermediary managers in relation to the movement of the banking relations; it concludes with the predisposing of the corporate agreements.

This instrument is suggested to target clients desiring to anticipate the final ownership structures of the financial wealth without, at the same time, depriving themselves of the relative economic utilities and guaranteeing, during their own lifetimes, a benefit from usufruct and any earnings deriving from possession of their own assets.