Family Trust

The institution of a family trust often represents the most effective response to clients’ needs where the client quintessentially desires to deal with the moment of passage of the family assets: the generational passage of the wealth, from the first generation to the second and also to the third.

Thus the trust becomes a true and proper strongbox, the centre of accumulation and aggregation of the various assets which the family wealth is composed of: real estate, prestige assets, financial riches.

The possibility of preserving value over time, a guarantee of a unitary management, creation of gradual access mechanisms to the wealth, potential tax advantages, make the trust the best instrument for designing the future.

Russo De Rosa Associati offers its clients a long experience of drawing up family trust institutional deeds, and helps the client to design the most apt structure for his or her needs, and is more functional for attaining its objectives of transmission of wealth to the successive generations.

The Firm professionals, with their practical competence and profound understanding of the typical family dynamics and the relative potential short-circuits, assist their clients with identifying the most suitable form and rules for their family trust, while respecting, if appropriate, the desire not to deprive themselves from the outset of access to their wealth.