Trust and business

There is growing use of the Trust instrument in a project for transmission of business assets, and this is because of the numerous objectives which it can include, common and typical objectives of an entrepreneur parent who is dealing with the delicate stage of generational handover.

The main drivers guiding this stage of transmission, in general terms, are the need to predispose a set-up that in the long term is suitable for ensuring that the participating assets are kept together and that there is flexibility in the management of the business, so as to enable rapid and effective decision-taking where necessary, whoever the future heirs of the present owners of a business group may be, in the interest of guaranteeing the correct development of the business.

The professionals of Russo De Rosa Associati support their clients throughout the implementation stage of the Trust set-up, conversing with all the subjects involved in the project, with the aim of predisposing a complete regulation, in the institutional model of the Trust, of the management and running modalities, as well as the rights inherent to participants in the Trust.